Monday, August 05, 2013

Tanishq Mia Ad

Well, there are some ads we all love and then there are those that don't make any sense, no matter how many times you see them. And then there is that one ad that you wish was never made and you are seething with anger- for various reasons. I haven't come across too many of the last category, but the latest Tanishq ad comes a close 2nd.

The first time I saw it, it had me gaping in wonder- I wondered who had come up with such a concept and who on earth had gone ahead and given the GO AHEAD for it..

For those who have not seen the ad, God bless you lucky soul.. A boss/colleague tells their staff/colleague to lose the earrings so the clients focus on the presentation.

The girl nearly does away with them, but then continues wearing them which is questioned once again by the other lady. She then counters saying "dont worry, the presentation looks even better than me" and goes ahead to rock the presentation...

What are they trying to say?
That women are jealous of others?
That wearing good jewellery comes in the way of work?
That a woman wearing a good earring is a distraction?
yes, I am appalled at the ad.
How can a colleague/boss just ask their staff/colleague to remove their earrings saying it would distract clients?
And once again question the same few minutes later.....
What do you say?


Anita Nandini said...

Hey , Thats ironic , i really loved the ad..coz i think i intepreted it diff...the boss says loose the earrings..she is being the girl contemplates bt decides to be her self and assert herself...and she is not apologetic ...and she does not fall under the stereotype of being aggressive...she is assertive and confident..when she says the presetation does it better she means her presentation as well ( the earrings and all)...she is sure of herself and nt afraid to present it...i could be wrong tho..just my take :)

Aarti said...

Hey Ani- I do like the part where the girl wears the earrings and goes ahead with it and says the ppt is better, but my quip is against the whole concept of the ad- why wud the other lady ask her to remove it... i dont get it...that is what got my goat da

Anuradha Shankar said...

just managed to read this, Aarti. my comp has been acting up for the last few days and in any case, have missed too many posts over the last month :( loads to catch up on. I agree with you that the idea of someone asking an employee to 'lose the ear rings' is pathetic. but it does happen. which is why i like the ad, because the girl does her own thing. and does it well. i remember a time when i was heading for an interview, and was told to dress in a particular way, and wear high heels, since i am so short. i remember laughing at the person who gave me the advice, tho she did so with good intentions. i headed for the interview in my usual clothes, just clean and neatly pressed, and wore my usual sandals too. as it turned out, i slipped near the station, fell and messed up my entire dress, and my sandals tore too. there was no way i could go home and change, so i headed straight for the interview, where all the others proceeded to stare at me and smirk. when it was my turn, only one interviewer even asked me why i was in such a state,and that too, after it was all over. and i got the post i had applied for, which has only helped reinforce my belief that clothes and dressing are the least important things in life. what i am and what i know are more important. and thats why i liked the ad too... i first thot of writing abt this in my post, but then felt that the reason i had such confidence in myself was thanks to my mom, so decided to writer about her instead :D