Monday, June 24, 2013

[Movie Halls] Ega theater

Second in my movie hall series comes Ega Theater. I like this theater for no reason but for the fact that it is closeby home. A hop skip and jump, I am at the theater [well not really, but it is less than 5mins away]. The theater has been around for as long as I can remember, and we have seen quite a few movies here- with family, with friends and solo. Over the years, I have seen the place go through quite a few changes- The facade, the way they stopped screening tamil movies, how they switched over to ONLY hindi, and then included few other regional languages, slowly incorporating English movies as well.

The most recent change being in the seats within. Ega- all screens went through a drastic change, the seats and the entire theater changed, it now has plush seats, comfortable and swanky. Anu Ega on the other, the small hall still remains the same, old rickety seats and quite an unpleasant hall overall. Wonder why they haven't bothered with this hall. Similarly, the cafeteria too changed, food items became pricey. I guess it is good in a way as it filters the crowd that comes to the hall. The crowd is also decent and does not dirty or mess up the place.

The highlight of this cinema hall is that tickets are priced between Rs75 and Rs95, the cheapest in the city [as far as I know]. And it is one of those theaters where you will get tickets, unless it is First day First show.

You can book tickets online as well, the url is

Next time you are in Kilpauk or thereabouts, do check out this theater and let me know!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

[Movie Halls] PVR Cinemas

So, I've decided to do a series on the movie theaters I've frequented across the country and a mini review of the same.. Let me start off with the one that I've been going to quite a lot in the recent few months. PVR Cinemas.

Even though my 1st stint with PVR began in Bangalore, with their cinema theaters in Forum mall, in Chennai it was thanks to proximity. Located in Ampa Skywalk Mall PVR Cinemas was the 1st multiplex very close to where I live. I vaguely remember my 1st movie here was with mom  followed by a fun dinner at Fuego [yes they were good..].

You ride up the escalators to the 3rd floor and there it is, the ticket counter. Like most other theaters, they have a counter exclusively for those who've booked tickets online. They have online booking and a mobile app that allows you to purchase or block tickets. How cool is that?

Coming back to the experience, you pick up the ticket from the counter and make your way inside to the theater complex, but not before a session on frisking.. Yes, boys and girls, men and women, you shall be frisked- seperately ofcourse. Girls, if you are carrying a handbag, it will be checked. Heads up-Do not carry chewing gum, water and most important of them all- cameras. They will get taken away, tagged and stored away. Do remember to pick them up when you leave the theater.

There is a food counter that offers popcorn, coke, nachos, sausages, and coffee. There are few other stalls around the place- Brownie station, chaat stall, momos, sandwiches and even one that sells ice cream. I do miss the Cafe Coffee Day stall.  In all, there are about 7 screens- 1,2 & 3 on the extreme left, 4&5 in right center and 6& 7 on extreme right. Some of them are small, while others are fairly large halls.

The good thing about the theater is that there is a small screen just outside the hall displaying the Name of the movie, show timing, and the seating arrangement chart as well. The seats are plush and comfortable, you can recline to a near lying down position and enjoy the movie :D If you are going for a 3D movie, make sure to pick up the 3D glasses [just wish they changed them to what is given at other theaters] for an additional charge of Rs25. What is more, you get to keep these glasses with you..

Offlate we have been going for quite a few night shows and must say the service is just as good as it is during the day. It has become easy to book tickets. How? Meena Chabbria, who handles PVR South has been gracious enough to oblige and block tickets for us on request and we pick them up at the venue!

Infact, once I had booked tickets for tomorrow but landed there thinking it was for today. The usher   ripped our tickets, sent us in, and it was only later that we realised we had tickets for the next day. The manager was kind enough to say "come back tomorrow, use these tickets, should not be a problem".. So the next day we got there and watched the movie. Felt like such a fool, but as they say everything is an experience~!

Next time you are around Anna nagar or PH road, do grab a movie at PVR Cinemas.

PVR Cinemas URL-