Sunday, September 28, 2008

[Movie] The Fall

Couple of days back, my sis and i went to the DVD store and raided it clean!!! was fun!! Thanks to all the work, and projects flowing in, i've not been to a theater in over 2weeks... so decided this was the best way of destressing~!! :) One of the movies i brought home was THE FALL by Tarsem Singh
The movie is set in 1915- 1920 at a hospital in Los Angeles, where a dejected stuntman,Roy (Lee Pace) is recovering from a mishap that has left him bed ridden. Scampering around the hospital is Alexandria (Cantinca Untaru), an adorable girl with a broken arm, who carries around a box that has her treasures in it. She speaks English with a bit of an accent and isnt really fluent in it, which adds to her character. 
She meanders into Roy's room one day, and Roy, upon hearing her name, tells her about Alexander the Great. She is so entranced by his yarn-spinning that she wants to hear more from this mysterious man.... Roy goes along....

From then on, every morning Alexandra makes her way to Roy's room, and he starts to weave a tale of old-fashioned adventure. The story is about a band of five men from all over the globe who are united by their hatred of an evil man named Governor Odious. They are: a former black slave (Marcus Wesley), an Indian man (Jeetu Verma), an Italian explosives expert (Robin Smith), a masked bandit [who finally turns out to be Roy himself] and, finally,err, ummm.. Charles Darwin (Leo Bill), accompanied by a monkey that gives him advice from within the satchel in which he is carried (and the monkey is always right)

The five revenge-seekers, each wearing costumes of a different predominant color, travel the world to reach Gov. Odious, guided at one point by a babbling mystic warrior (Julian Bleach) who comes out of a burning tree(amazing visuals).... 
The masked bandit's tiff with Odious is that Odious killed his brother[Blue bandit]. In real life, the Odious stole Roy's girlfriend[which is why Roy is so depressed and feeling suicidal]. In between the story, Roy and Alexandra's lives are also woven in... Roy tells Alexandria he is unable to sleep and that he wants her to get him some MORPHINE [ she reads it as M O R P H I N 3 :)], and obliges since he says only when she gets it for him will he resume.... the story goes on till finally Alexandra is part of the tale, and ends up rescuing Roy..... :) 
"you always stop at the same part, when it's very beautiful" - a dialogue Alexandra says everytime Roy stops the story..... 
 Darwin--- "Shoot, you animals. They'll pay you well for Darwin's hide."
The settings in which the story unfolds are mind blowing.... fascinating.... and most parts have been shot in india.. If one has seen Jodhaa Akbhar, you will know what am talking about... all the forts, palaces that come in that movie are here! except they look grander and majestic!! 
A lovely warm movie that left me feeling "wow" and "am glad i picked this up".. yes, there are parts that are unbelievable... but hey, it is just a fable that Roy is creating !!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Books am reading....

been reading this for some time now.. but just cant seem to finish it..everytime i pick it up, i start at the beginning.... :) 
An amazing book.. picked it up cos a friend recommended it, and must say i've not been able to put it down.. got another 20pages to go!! very nice..funny, wacko.. and so insightful!!  
Bought it at Odyssey cos it seemed interesting, just started on it!!!  

Movie marathon!!! :)

My friend and i went for the movie - The Mummy:Tomb of the Dragon Emperor/ The Mummy 3, with tickets not being available for any others... anyways, we enjoyed the movie... loads of wacko scenes.. action... amazing effects... the sights are worth it!!!  Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh launch into a vigorous sword fight — and what a grand pleasure it is to watch these two world-class stars in action again... 
Ever since we saw the promos for Bachna ae haseeno, me and my friend wanted to check it out... we knew it was probably a brainless romantic , but dint expect a diff version of DDLJ....  
The journey of rich spoilt boy Raj Sharma (Ranbir Kapoor) is the main plot of this movie.... He meets three girls at different stages of his life: Mahi (Minissha Lamba) - a small-town girl from Punjab, who is looking for Raj(SRK of DDLJ), Radhika  who becomes Shreya (Bipasha Basu) - a model from Ranchi in Mumbai, with whom he has a live in relationship and finally flees when he gets a proj in Aus... and finally Gayatri (Deepika Padukone) - an NRI taxidriver from Australia. The film is about a boy who goes from one love affair to another, only to run into true love and then being dumped, cos she isnt ready for marriage... this forces him to look back on all the nasty heartbreaks he has been responsible for, and he goes back to all those women!!! 
Oh, how can i sign off without mentioning the drop dead Gorgeous Kunal kapoor...divine!!! :) 
Except for Khuda jaane, none of the other songs are really nice.. infact songs not really needed!!  
I saw this movie at my friend's house.. she was sleeping and i was sifting thru her dvd collection, thought this might be fun.. and i LOVE animated movies.. but it was wacko and a bit boring!!!  Am talking about The Ugly Ducklinbg and me... the only sweet thing about the movie is --- don’t worry if you’re not accepted by those around you, you are special!!!  

Thursday, August 21, 2008

[Movie] Freedom Writers

It is very rare to come upon a movie that affects us so deep and leaves us soaking in its dialogues and acting...

A movie i saw couple of days back was like that ... i was randomly surfing channels, when i hit upom HBO and what i saw had me glued, so much so, i told my grandparents to wait a bit to have dinner... The movie was  Freedom Writers

These are days when am so glad i have a set top box and have the privilege of watching such wonderful movies...!!!

It is based on a true story of a young idealistic white school teacher who gets a job in a high school filled with black kids and gangs. Yes, the initial many of the scenes reminded me of Michelle Pfeiffer in  Dangerous Minds,  and Sidney Poitier in To Sir with love, but this was different.. It is Freedom Writers, adapted from the diaries of Woodrow Wilson High School students, with Hilary Swank as the teacher[her 1st time in the job] who is trying to change the world, or atleast teach and make a mark on couple of students, who have the potential but not given adequate attention.

Erin Gruwell aka Miss G, (Hilary Swank) is a simple white girl with grand ideas and thats is when she volunteers to take her first teaching job[actually she is a student teacher] at racially charged, run down Wilson High School in South Central Los Angeles [ The film is the city reeling with the aftermath of the 1992 Los Angeles riots]. Located in gang-ravaged Long Beach, California, Woodrow Wilson High is a filled with rough kids and  violence. On her first day, she walks into the class in a bright cherry-red suit and black pumps, her strand of pearls gleaming in her neck, and looks quite goofy in a class of rugged black kids...
The students are understandably skeptical, excruciatingly contemptuous. From where they sit, slumped and hunched, some with their backs literally turned away from the front of the room, Erin looks like the stranger she is, but slowly weaves her way into the lives of these helpless kids!!

While never having heard of the Holocaust, these kids are well-versed in the pain of poverty, the legal system, and death. Their devoted teacher Erin Gruwell never gives up, she slowly bonds with her class, giving them books to read{Diary of Anne Frank, Odyssey], helping them vent out all the pain and agony within them through the journals. The Scene where she gives them each a book and says she will read them only if the student gives her permission is where the change happens [ the trust develops and slowly they open up to her and learn to alter their lifestyles,. looking fwd to school...]  
Meanwhile, a strain is put on Erin's marriage as her student involvement gradually takes priority over her personal life. The intensity with which Erin relates to her work threatens her husband (Patrick Dempsey), who in seeing Erin's transformation, is reminded of his own stagnancy.. She even pleads with him to take up studying architecture, which is what he wanted, but he walks out, leaving her lost and alone... 

Erin asks the kids to write letters to Miep Gies (Pat Carroll), the woman who hid Anne from the Nazis. In order to raise money for Gies to come to California, Erin takes a weekend job at the Mariott! With three jobs, shewords towards taking her students on field trips (to a Holocaust museum) and dinners at the hotel’s restaurant.  The other teachers balk. They go to the school board and protest,but Erin wins!!!! :)

Freedom Writers works because the group of teenage actors they’ve brought together in it are anbsolutely awesome, raw, and their  performances make it worth watching. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

[Movie] My Sassy Girl aka Yeopgijeogin geunyeo

My Sassy Girl, A movie i had no clues of, and had bought couple of weeks back only because the cover looked interesting.. Little did i know that Bollywood was going to come out with their version of this, titled Ugly Aur pagli ....
Its one of those movies that has you smiling, laughing and gasping every now and then. A light romantic comedy where the lead actors are Gyeon-woo( cute simple looking (Korean pop singer Cha Tae-hyun, in his feature film debut) and ofcourse the vivacious, brash,sweet, genteel girl (who doesnt reallly have a name, but is ref to as Ji-hyun Jun, played by Gianna Jun)..
The movie has three parts... 1st one being the First Half... Second Half and then the Overtime!!

The story kicks off with college student Gyeon-woo crossing paths with a drunk girl in the train station. He then hoists her into the train, where she promptly pukes on a fellow passenger, and before passing out, the girl looks at Gyeon-woo and calls him 'honey'. The other passengers assuming him to be the hapless girl's boyfriend, demand that Gyeon-woo look after her and he takes off his shirt to clean up the passenger's(on whom she threw up)shirt. After carrying her on his back for what seems to be miles, Gyeon-woo takes the girl where he meets destiny... he gets arrested and thrown into jail, where he gets a chance to rub shoulders wit a gang....  Here is where the movie begins, and all the fun unravels...

They meet quite often, coincidence at times, and others is when she calls him and orders him to get somewhere to meet her... She is brash, and a bully at it.. :)  When they dine out and Gyeon-woo orders anything but coffee, she barks her mantra "Do you wanna die?" and then promptly changes his order to coffee. When her feet begin aching from walking wearing heels her mom got her, she talks him to a point where he is forced to switch his comfortable running shoes into her high heels.
Since she likes to write, she subjects him to reading her scripts.. Each one with a twist, but one commonn thread being the girl is from the future..[ In one of the funniest scenes, Gyeon-woo gives her screenplays to a film producer, who winds up getting ill, throwing up minutes after reading it... ]

.. Inspite of her constant whacks and thwacks, Gyeon-woo finds himself hopelessly hooked on this 'sassy girl'. And though the girl seems to relish in humiliating and belittling those around her, it becomes clear that underneath the brash exterior is a wounded soul who holds a genuine affection for Gyeon-woo. She is going through a heart break so deep, she finds herself confused unable to decide....
Their relationship continues in this manner for quite some time, and they are more like friends, except they arent really just friends.... The meetings with her family where her dad drinks a few shot and then Thud, falls on the table... Gyeon woo's mom beating him with whatever she has in her hands, are some of the wacko scenes in the movie....
Towards the last part of the movie, it takes a U turn, adding a bit of twist to the plot... What happens to their relationship... how far do they go or not.. and what is her story are told beautifully... the scenes touch us so deep, that we become one with the characters...
The final scene takes the cake!!!! [noway, i aint given it out...]
Watch it to enjoy it!! the movie runs for nearly 2hrs, which is a rare thing for any movie apart from our Indian ones!!!
Oh and watch this clip... one of the beautiful scenes in the movie... couldnt resist.... :)

Thursday, August 07, 2008

[Movie] Khuda ke Liye - In the Name of God!!

A movie i had been wanting to watch ever since i read about it in the papers and heard raving reviews from my friends... yep, am talking about Khuda Ke Liye, [In the name of God] directed by Shoaib Mansoor ... This Pakistani movie has become one of my favorites over night, and am going around telling others to watch it!! its probably the only movie of its kind that i've seen till date.... 

I wonder why it dint get released in the theaters here?? sad.. i wish more such movies came about....

here is a sneak peek into what the movie is all about... 
It is the story of two brothers, Mansoor (Shaan) and Sarmad (Fawad Khan). Both of l them love music, and have been performing as a team for years now.. they belong to a family who lets them live their life the way they desire, and does not beleive in forcing anything on anyone.... Mansoor is all about music, focussed and knows he is off to USA for a future in music... on the other hand, Sarmad is confused, and that is when he turns towards religion to give him guidance... her is where the movie takes a turn, he comes across the self proclaimed Islam prophet, Maulana Taheri (Rasheed Naz), who turns the soft spoken Sarmad into full fledge Jehadi... 

  • Music is against Islam
  • Wearing western clothes is also against Islam
  • Women should wear a veil
are the messages drilled into him, so much so, that he stops singing, grows a beard, wears only salwar kameez, and even asks his mom to wear a veil....

Things are complicated when their cousin Mary (the beautiful Iman Ali who has acted well, excpet for where she tries for fake a Brit accent, but that fades away against her acting..) arrives from London to spend a few days with them, only to discover that she has been tricked by her father into coming to Pakistan to avoid her marrying her Non-Muslim boyfriend Dave. All this, while he has not been living life the Islamic way, and has a live in relationship with a British lady.... 
Meanwhile Mansoor leaves for Chicago to enrol at the “School of Music”, which is when his life goes through so many changes, that at the end, he does not know who he is anymore (literally). He meets Jani (Austin Marie Sayre), a fellow music student, who he falls in love with, and eventually they get married.. The song they sing together Bhadya ho is absolutely mind blowing...  Around this is when the 9/11 attack happens and one night, he is abducted and interrogated to find out if he was part of the Al Quaeda group.. these scenes made me cry, they are heart wrenching... its almost like every muslim is a terrrorist, and as the cop says "but every terrorist we've come across is a muslim"....  
How the tale goes from Pakistan, to UK and to USA is where the movie stands tall and strong... the battle Miriam( her name is changed to Miriam when she is forcefully married to Sarmad) fights to take revenge on her father and the man who forced himself on her, just bcos the Maulana said he needs to bear a child to prove he is a man is an amazing segment of the movie... This is where, Moulana Wali (Naseeruddin shah) steps in, and takes control of the entire situation , bringing to light what Islam is all about in REAL... 
Few of his dialogues --
“Two men who did the greatest service to Islam in Pakistan, Mahomed Ali Jinnah and Allama Iqbal, did so without a beard and out of the so called Islamic dresscode, in western dress." 
“There is beard in religion, but no religion in beard,”
All this opens Sarmad's eyes, and he withdraws the case against Miriam, and mends his ways, getting back to music...
Shoaib Mansoor does not miss a beat, he does not leave any stones unturned. While all characters have more or less the same significance in this plot, it is Mansoor who is at the centre of it....The grandeur of the Wazir Khan Mosque is simply breathtaking....  and so are the deserted moutains of Afganisthan...

 The movie depicts the lives of those connected with Pakistani society and shows the wedge between the moderates and extremists, it also brings to the fore the less-acknowledged truth, that, Muslims are being viewed with increasing suspicion in the West.
A must watch! 
Click here To listen to Khuda ke liye songs, and here to download em.... :)

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

[Movie] The Dark Knight

Mind Blowing
Now, these are not just words.. they are all that come to my mind when i think of The Dark Knight, by Christopher Nolan.. A movie that had gripping to my seat, enjoying every second of it, and there were some scenes where the audience was so involved, that we were holding our breath, clapping when something amazing happened on screen.. I've never really been a Big fan of the Batman, or Superman and such movies, but decided to watch this movie for Heath ledger, i had seen him earlier in Brokeback Mountain and thought he was a fantastic actor.. and then he had to go on and die. well, atleast he left us something to remember him by.. the role of Joker!!

The movie which is supposed to be all about Batman and how he keeps Gotham city clean has turned into a movie that is all about the JOKER, and his ploys..A man who has no rules, who does not steal cos he wants money, who does not kill cos he likes blood is one who keeps the momentum going thru the movie.... The Dark Knight” is not a simplistic tale of good and evil. Batman is good, yes, The Joker is evil, yes. But Batman poses a more complex puzzle than usual: The citizens of Gotham City are in an uproar, calling him a vigilante and blaming him for the deaths of policemen and others. And the Joker is more than a villain....
Thriller? Action? Good guy vs Bad guy? Dazzling spectacle? Devilish fun? Check the movie out. The Dark Knight creates a place where good and evil — expected to do battle — decide instead to get it on and dance around it. "I don't want to kill you," the Joker tells Batman/ Bruce Wayne [Christian Bale]. "You complete me." Don't buy the tease. He means it.....

Every plot.. Every explosion is so well executed that no one has a clue what he is upto, but himself...

How Batman and his team (Morgan freeman, and Michael Caine] work on creating a suit that will help him fly better, and how he zooms about in his Batmobile stuns us!!! the kind of effects, technology, stunts that has been used in this movie is probably a 1st of its kind...

Not to foreget the amazing performance by the D.A, Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart), who stays above corruption in the city and vows to change the face of Gotham city, and in the 2nd half, he looks "wow", no words, the ripped apart face, bulging eyes, and the make up is divine.......Maggie Gyllenhaal as Rachel Dawes has done a lovely job as the woman who is torn between two men, one her friend and other the one she loves.....

A movie that you should watch to experience high paced action...

Bruce Wayne: I knew the mob wouldn’t go down without a fight. But this is different. They crossed the line.

Alfred Pennyworth: You crossed the line first, sir. You hammered them. And in their desperation they turned to a man they didn’t fully understand. Some men aren’t looking for anything logical. They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn

Sunday, August 03, 2008

[Theater] The Hindu Metro Plus Theater Fest!!!!

Read about the Theatre Fest

Wrote about it...

And finally managed to watch the 1st 2 plays.... the rest of them i dont find too interesting, going by the titles and the subjects.. but i might catch the one on Aug 7th - The Whale

1st day- 1st Aug- Midsummer Nights Dream

 A play that was in korean, with english sub titles(yes, they displayed the sub titles on the screen] had us all absolutely engrossed and enthralled by their acting.. there were about 7-8 actors on stage, who were the actors[playing diff roles], musicians[yes, they would run quickly sit down and start playing their instruments], singers[oh,yes, and they were good] and the ones who had us all completely involved with the act.. there were 2guys, need to make specific mention cos they were simply outstanging[its them in the pic on left side]. 
They did all sorts of antics, and acrobats, also managed to get the crowd involved by throwing out some bangle kinda thingies[well, atleast thats what they looked like from where i was sitting, which was way upstairs...nope, dint get any, but sure enjoyed the evening]... oh, and the best part was , the actors had managed to sneak in a few dialogues in TAMIL [yep, you read it right, and they did it so well, there was no awkward pausing, starin at paper, etc.. they just spoke it.. in pure korean accent, which was damn sweet] ...

Sambar sadam venuma..?


Thayir saadama?


vaadu manga venuma...? [this was the best of it all]

A wee bit different from the original version by Shakespeare, nonetheless as much funny, if not more, this play by the Yogongza theater group was awesomeeee!!

I was so glad i went for the play!!!

 2nd day- 2nd Aug -- Love Letters

This play was by  an indian production house called Rage, and was directed by Rahul da Cunha... Ages ago, i had been to one of his other plays - Class of '84.. which was quite good.. i remember it was the day before my bday, a treat i gave me and mum, cos it was the day after hers and the day before mine... :D

Anyways, reached the venue a bit early, and was in my seat by 7.20, and on the dot at 7.30 the play began, or rather the MC began his welcome address,etc etc, which took not more than 2mins i tell you...
This play had just 2 people in it.. yep, Rajit Kapur and Shernaz Patel... it was all about the letters that went between them from when they were little till one of them finally dies. The kind of bond they share thanks to these letters is damn sweet and very endearing... the way the letters reflect their lives, what they are going thru and how at times they stop because one of them is upset with the other....the love that grows between them, but which is kept away till late in their years, and what happens at the end has been beautifully narrated... 
The actors  stood on either side of the stage, with a mini make shift seating arrangement, which consists of a bunch of colourful boxes, whcih they rearrange everytime there is a change in their feeling, or just to break the monotony... But i was stunned at the way they were able to keep up with the dialogues, and go on and on without a squeak or shrill in their voice... Hats off to them both!
At the end of the play, with a 10min break in between, the Rajit said this was the 1st time in 16years that they had an audience of over 1000 people... what an honor it was to have been part of that crowd!!!  it was almost like there were too many people as against the seats available, cos some where sitting on the steps and watching the play.... 
Well, now am looking forward to the Whale.. hopefully that should be good!!!
Oh, and they have a Contest running... 2 years back when i had gone for these plays, the contest was to write and send a review in less than 160characters on sms.. and guess what, i won the prize.. it was Rs1000 off on my Airtel mobile bill... :D
This time we have to send in our reviews (150words) by email before 11am the next morning.. and the prize is lunch for 2 at The park.. crossing my fingers to see if i get lucky again!! :D

Sunday, July 27, 2008

[Theater] Love in a Tub

My high school friend V called me fri night asking if i wanted to come for a play[Supper theater, yes, you read it right, they give you a performance and feed you afterwards...], it was one of their client's who was organising it.. asked her for the time, since on sat i had a meeting from 3pm... she said "its called Love in a tub, directed by Aamir Raza Husain & Virat Husain, and is only at 7.30, at Park Sheraton, shall sms the details".. i said "vokay, cool... i'll be there"...

Sat dawned, i was a bit nervous about the meeting, but must say it went off quite well! was interesting to see big wigs discuss issues, and how the meeting went!! We wound up around 6.30, and since i was in Adyar, made my way to Anokhi (a lovely quaint place, perfect for a quiet cuppa).. reviewed the notes i had taken during the meeting, sipped on a glass of cold coffee and spent a bit of time by myself!! Around 7.10, got out, made my way towards Park sheraton, which was just a hop skip jump away, and waited for S and V...

Though the play which was to start at 7.30, began only around 8.20.. There were plenty of cocktails, juices, and bites to grab before the show.. we chit chatted, while scanning through the room for familar faces.. i did catch a few, went and said hi... :)

Finally, we were shown to the hall [Mowbray's] where the play happened and must say, it was one hellova stress buster.. had quite a few laughs, it was one of those plays where you dont look for logic, just enjoy it for what it is....

Here is a summary of the play....

Its all about a couple Mr Richard Willey n his wife Pamela Willey[Virat Husain], who book into a room at the Westminister Hotel... Caught in the scam is Richard's colleague/secretary/or whatever they are called in the Brit Parliament, George aka Pigeon[ played superbly by Aamir Raza husain] !!! The plot is all about Richard wanting to meet with Jennifer Brissto for a secret rendezvous, and what happens after wards... How George becomes Dr Santa Christmas and Richard is Sir Charles Easter/Dickie/ and what not... hehehe... one of those mindless comedies, the play had us all in splits everytime there was a goof up.... not to forget the antics of the wacko Japanese waiter who keeps bringing in 6pots of coffee everytime someone orders 1 pot of coffee..
A whole bunch of people, zillions of names, crazy wacko stuff had us going ballistic through the evening....

The surprising thing about this group is that they dont play their stuff to the general public, most of it is for the corporates, their clients and if you know someone in that loop, you get to watch it, like i did!! Aparently they are in town for 5days, a show on each day!!!

After the play, dinner buffet opened.. and the entire 10000 people [okay, i'll admit, am exaggerating, it was probably 100...but sure seemed like a zillion people]... made our way through the queue... ate a bit and wound up for the evening!! :)

Now, am looking fwd to The Hindu Metro Plus Theater Fest beginning Aug 1st!!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

[Movie] Mere Baap Pehle Aap

My Friend,S and i decided to go check out Blind date movie, which is a concept at Satyam theaters, where we dont know what the movie is.. It could be a new release or it could be a movie dubbed in Tamil.. i've not been to one, so we went to the theater assuming we'd get tickets.. alas, it wasnt so... anyways decided to catch a movie and this was one running at the 7pm slot... Mere Baap pehle Aap.. smilesmile

S had seen it, but said she dint mind watching it so got tickets and must say, its one movie where i laughed like crazysmile....

The movie is all about Janardhan Rane smile(Paresh Rawal, at his peak..hehehe ), who has two son (Akshaye Khanna) and Chirag (Manoj Joshi). Gaurav, now grown up, takes care of his father, like a father!! i mean literally, he shouts, screams, orders and even threatens his baap but all cos he loves his dad too much.. The father and son duo manage the business as well as the household chores, dad is the cook!! Janardhan's chaddi dost, Madhav (Om Puri), is desperate to get married, but Gaurav is dead against their friendship.

Because, Madhav is forever on look out for a bride and almost always land himself and Janardan into trouble,couple of times at the Police Stationsmilesmile(Archana puran singh as the Inspector..), and it is upto Gaurav has to bail them out and face the embarrassment. And this happens not once or twice, but way too many times!!

One day, Gaurav stars receiving crank calls from a girl calling herself Rose, who claims to be his classmate. Rose is in fact Shikha (Genelia) who's playing a prank with Gaurav.. After a while, zillion phone calls to his store and to their home, seductive talk to his dad about how she has a child with Akshaye, etc etc... Shikha accepts the prank and they become friends. Shikha lives with Teacher Anuradha (Shobhana) n her friend.

When the dad is busy looking for a girl for his son, in comes Anu(the teacher), upon seeing whom Janardhan is lost.. it takes a whole bunch of intervention from the kids to figure out the truth and what happens next is the entire

Genelia is adorable...razz never seen her this cute in any movie.. and she has also acted well..
The wacko scenes with Rajpal yadav and Akshay was hilarious.... laugh till your tummy hurts!!

There are some parts which i dint quite get:--

Anu suddenly says ok to marrying Janardhan
The 1st daughter inlaw who is against her FIL, Janardhan remarrying agrees to it and is all smiles at the wedding... did just a slap do the trick?? hmmm..

Disclaimer-leave your brains at home and go enjoy the movie...

[Movie] The Holiday

A movie i've seen earlier, but that had me glued last night to the TV.razzrazz. The Holiday...

A simple story, about two gals who are heart broken and looking to get away from their routine life., go somewhere and try getting over the men they were in love withbiggrin.. The interesting part about the movie is how they end up in each other's homes for 2weeks, and find men who they care about and fall for pretty hard...biggrinbiggrin

Cameroon Diaz (Amanda Woods), and Kate Winslet(Iris Simpikins),biggrin the main leading ladies, accompanied by Jude law(Graham) and Jack Black(Miles) make this movie fun, sweet, romantic, mushy mushy and adorable..razz Oh, not to forget the sweet 90year old Eli Wallach as Arthur Abbott, a famous screenwriter of yesteryears...

Iris, a British social columnist who continues to love a man she can't have, but who tries to make sure to be in touch with her, inspite of him being engaged to other woman and Amanda, a L.A. film trailer producer, who simply cannot cry, and has not since she was 15, when her parents split up... Though Iris and Amanda live thousands of miles apart, they are in exactly the same place: Just before Christmas, Iris and Amanda decide to take a needed break from the men in their lives (played by Edward Burns and Rufus Sewell) ... While looking for a holiday destination, Amanda stumbles upon Iris's cottage home, but on the condition that its up only for home exchange[meaning they swap homes] ... razzrazz

how their lives change.... How instead of getting over the men, they fall for new men... and the sweet journey from London to LA....

the cutest scene acc to me is when Amanda gets ready to head back to LA, and on the doorstep tells Graham .. Am gonna kiss you for the millionth time and tell you 'be seeing you".... brought tears!! and the Doggie is adorableeeeeeeeeeee.... biggrin

Ohh... oh.... not gonna spoik it in case you havent seen it~~ pick up the DVD and watch itrazz

Saturday, July 05, 2008

RENT- The musical play/Movie

525,600 minutes,
525,000 moments so dear.
525,600 minutes - how do you measure, measure a year?
In daylights, in sunsets, in midnights, in cups of coffee.
In inches, in miles, in laughter, in strife.
In 525,600 minutes -
how do you measure a year in the life?

How about love?
How about love?

How about love?
Measure in love.
Seasons of love.....
goes the song...

This is how the Movie by Chris Columbus (director of the famous Mrs Doubtfire) opens. 8 people standing on a stage singing this song. Gave me goose pimples when I heard this, don't ask me why, but I guess it touched a chord somewhere in me.
I had heard about this movie and had listened to one track "Take me or leave me" that made me pick up the DVD and watch it.

Jonathan Larson's Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winning rock opera is what this movie is based on, it tell the story of what happens in the life of a group of Bohemians over a year in modern day East Village New York. How they struggle to pay their rent and their lives, which are all so different but yet so close knit and so similar. Its not just a musical where you have people singing songs and going about the movie, but this is a movie where there are scenes, silences that make you think and feel; the songs that are smoothly brought in between dialogues makes us want to reach out to those on screen and cry with them when they are sad and smile when they succeed.

The main characters of RENT are this group of 8people - Mark (Anthony Rapp) and Roger (Adam Pascal), the former an aspiring moviemaker and jilted lover, while later is a ex-druggie who loves to sing and play his guitar.

Then, there is the vivacious Mimi (Rosario Dawson) who lives in an apartment beneath their, also a druggie who falls in love with Roger and her ex-boyfriend is Benny (Taye Diggs), who was a former member of this group, but got married and is now their landlord. Oh, and there is the ever flirting, ex-girlfriend of Mark's Maureen Johnson (Idina Menzel) who left him for not another man, but Joanna (Traci Thomas) ;o). Also part of this group is Tom Collins (Jesse L. Martin) and his new found friend cum lover Angel (Wilson Jermain Heredia), who is also HIV positive.

Over the year that follows, the group deals with love, drug addiction, break-ups, reconciliation, eviction, death, and even success at last. The songs that feature in this movie are full of life and every word has a meaning so deep, it leaves us wanting more and wishing that it dint end so soon...

It Just goes to show how much can change or happen in a Year, which is what 525,600 minutes is equal to.

For those, who are not used to musicals, this is a good movie to start with for it has dialogues as well, and the songs are all simple, rock numbers, which are so enthralling.

The Tagline of this awesome wholesome movie is NO DAY BUT TODAY. So live each day as it were the last, enjoy every moment, speak your feelings, and enjoy LIFE…

Every single song in this movie is good.. be it.
  • No Day but today
  • Light my candle
  • One song glory
  • Over the Moon
  • La Vie Bohemie
but the song that stands out and stays in our mind is "Season of love"...

Saw this movie ages ago[think it was 2006], but thought i shall repost this review....

Friday, May 09, 2008

[movie] RACE

Cast: Saif Ali Khan, Akshaye Khanna, Anil Kapoor, Bipasha Basu, Katrina Kaif
Direction: Abbas-Mustan
Rating: lollollollollol

A Movie that has been on my mind, wanted to watch it, but dint happen.. it must be over a month since it was released and i finally got around to watching it..

Went for it with my sis and friend.. and must say, the movie was reallly awesomee.. i Enjoyed all the twists turns and plotting.. not to forget the techno stuff, and the car race towards the end of the movie.. it had me gasping, smiling, wondering whats gonna happen and some more... :)

here is a sneak review of the movie...

As Saif Ali Khan confesses in Race: he is only scared of honest people. The rest, he can handle and outrun, in any and every race. scruples? Ethics? do we know these words??? :P

Its all about 2 brothers who begin by racing bikes in their childhood and end up fighting a RACE life itself, with each one trying to outdo the other.. phew.. . Younger brother Akshaye hates big brother Saif, who not only won all the kiddy races but also managed to walk away with the family fortune, leaving kid brother completely dependent on his generosity. Akshay Khanna works his magic using the love of his life(or so he gets Saif to beleive), Bips . But it isn't Bipasha alone who keeps you guessing about her loyalties. In this gritty game of death, loyalties are as slippery as quicksand and it takes just a flick of a pretty head for a sweet simpleton to turn into a pucca predator. what happens in the end, you ask? Oh,well, cant let the cat out of the bag,can it? you need to watch the movie to see what unfolds and you will gasp and wonder with every turn and move...

questionDoes Saif die?
Does Akhsay succeed in killing the brother he hates?question
Is Bips the bitch or is it Katrina?
Whats up with the song -Touch me, touch me, kiss me kiss me?
Who loves whom?winkwink
What the hell is happening?eek

by the time your mind processes these questions, in walks our cop Anil Kapoor, R.D, and his wacko secretary Sameera reddy... What a team they are.. and it is amazing to see the whole movie unravel, with so many turns, at times we lose track of whats happening.. but dont worry, you will understand whats going on..eekeek Till the last scene, the movie has us in our seats, relishing it...

What works for Race is that you can never predict exactly whats gonna happen next. Just when you think, this could be the last twist in the tale, it surprises you with another twist. There is almost a twist in every reel!

Directors Abbas – Mastan deserve credit for their execution, they succeed in holding your attention throughout the movie. The direction is complimented by the screenplay although the impact would have been much better had the story been more convincing.

The music is good, catchy numbers thru the movie...Pehli Nazar Mein is my favvvvvvv song...

Saif Ali Khan delivers a powerful performance. His expressions, intensity are top notch... He is so Hot and wowwww... lollollollollollolwinkwink

lolAkshaye Khanna is wow in this movie..wink

Anil Kapoor provides some much needed comic relief in the second half. As RD, who keeps eating a different fruit each time, he rocks. Some of his dialogues are hilarious. Some of his dialogues are hilarious.

Bipasha Basu is HOTwink especially in the song Allah Duhai Hai. Performance-wise Bipasha is good. Katrina Kaif looks gorgeous, but in the acting department strictly average. She needs to work on her dialogue delivery.

Vrooom... Race away.... lollollol