Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Music and Music Lovers

I dont even remember when my last visit to a Concert in the December music season was... All i know is it was lost in the past, and this concert i attended 2days back was a whole new experience for me!

My friend who's come down from Bombay called asking when we were meeting, and during the course of our conversation, she mentioned going for concerts, almost daily. And a secret voice from somewhere within me popped out asking her what the concert was the following day..and before i knew it, i had requested my friend's hubby to pick up an extra ticket for me...  I recall hearing in a blur "Aruna Sairam"...

Armed with strict instructions from Ar to reach the venue- Music Academy, TTK Road by 3.30pm, i was there at the gates by 3.20pm.. The whole place looked transformed, and looked quite swanky...Ar messaged around 3.30 saying they were on their way and that our place was in 2nd floor... I dint knw there was a 2nd floor..damn!! Went to 1st floor, saw a snake like long queue going into space...

The troops came, joined me in the queue, hugs hi hello follwed by a slow crawl up the stairs that kept going till we reached the rooftop, no jokes!! and then wound into the auditorium, and then again making our way down the gallery to find a spot to sit where we could see Aruna sairam and not something that looked like a dot... :-D

There were quite a few seats empty around the hall, but they had names stuck on them. N told me those were reserved for members, who invariably either came late or dint show up at all... Dont understand this attitude of people!! Do they become high and mighty??? 

And then there were the hoards of elderly who could barely walk, leave alone climb stairs and they were forced to walk up and down, squeeze into a filled row to get to that one seat available at the other end...  felt really bad...there was this elderly man, who had a walking stick and was made to walk literally all the way to the other end, he was shaking all the way through...  Since there were no seat numbers, it was all First come first serve basis!! 

At 4.15, screens opened and Aruna Sairam came alive.... the next 2 hours went off in a haze, with one song after the other... She has such a powerful voice, so much energy and is simply amazing.... I am not too much into carnatic music, but i quite enjoy her style of singing... 

The violinist had us mesmerised.... "konjithu" as we say in tamil, it was caressing our souls.... The Gatam, Mrudangam were no less.... Before we knew it,  time had flown and it was 6.45 when she ended her last number..

The music lovers were so visible through the evening.. the hand movements, head nods, some armed with books on raaga, songs, and compositions.. The aunties with brochures of various concerts, already planning their next day agenda... Was quite amusing to watch..

There were a few who i am guessing are regulars, armed with their shawls, cloves[to pop in to avoid coughing or as mouth freshener], notebook pen to write down song names, and binoculars [yes, saw quite a few].. 

Wait,the evening isnt over yet... How can we leave without a stop at the canteen to sample a few of the yumm treats... Ordered for Mysore bonda, but had to  settle for Dosas & hot filter coffee, since the bondas were all sold out..

All in all, it was one awesome experience for me!! will i go for another concert? Damn right, i will.. infact, already looking fwd to Kadri gopalnath concert tomorrow evening... :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dont Stop............Sony Ericsson Walkman Ad

There are some beats and words that catch our eye and we keep humming them
there are others that we just dont remeber or care too much about...
and then there are those which sound familiar and our mind wonders what it sounded like....

There are ads we watch day in and day out
Some we remember for the images
Some for the models
Some others for the music/background score...

The Day i saw this Sony Walkman Ad on TV, i couldnt get the music off my head. Kept humming, singing these few words over and over... Finally, i gave in, hunted for the ringtone and pulled it into my phone...

While doing the research, i discovered it was a piece from the song Tik Tok by Kei$ha.... Curious to know what the whole song sounded like, i googled that and found this video...

Honestly- i dint like the song one bit.... the lyrics put me off.. the video was just trashy... but yet, the piece that Sony had chosen for their ad was perfect and peppy.....

Creativity & Content :
Sony Ericsson had used water and colours and a gorgeous model/dancer. They had made it look like we were watching a live performance, when the finale shows the video as being screened on the Sony Ericsson Walkman's OLED screen.. 

You bet i remember the ad even today... 
It has been days since i saw it 1st and dont think i've seen it too many times after that... 
The music does the trick here....
The dance in the rain does the trick.... 

Amazing clarity
Amazing sound
Sleek and smart looking.... 
The gadget had it all ...

It reminds me of Step up and Street Dance movies , the moves and grooves are simply too hard to forget... After a long time, this is an ad that i shall remember for a long time to come!! :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

[Theater] 39 steps

Richard Hannay meets this gorgeous woman who out of nowhere pulls out a gun and shoots into the air during a theater performance. She then invites herself over to his house, following which she gets murdered. A murder that Richard is caught into for no fault of his, a series of chaos, clumsiness, and characters is what 39 steps is all about. 
Today, got an opportunity to watch the preview show of 39 steps by Evam and Radaan.  Dint have to do anything, dint have to pay anything, went watched gave my feedback and got back!!

Based on the movie 39 steps by Alfred hitchcock,  which was in turn loosely based on the adventure novel The Thirty-nine Steps by John Buchan.this play went on for over an hour and had us in splits, gaping, wondering and wondering how fine tuned the final show going to be. 

4 actors play more than 10 characters.. switching between roles in seconds, alternating between being a man and a woman, moving the furniture on the stage around... 

Agreed, there were a few things that could be tweaked, could have been made better, but the team has over 2weeks to fine tune and am sure by the time they perform to the audience, it will be near perfect!! 

For information about the play and tickets, click here and here is Evam's Blog 

Need more reason to believe Hitchcock is hilarious?
29th October- 7:30 PM
30th October- 3:30 PM and 7:30 PM
31st October- 3:30 PM and 7:30 PM
Tickets available at all Landmark outlets. Online booking at http://www.indianstage.in/EventDetails.do?eventId=1140.

Contact 9840444916, 9840612333 for more details!

Monday, September 13, 2010

[movie] The Good the bad the Ugly..

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, a movie made in 1966, that i watched sometime in the 80s but remember vividly till date....

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, a movie with a catchy theme song, that used to be my ring tone, that i still trip on....

Recently discovered The Good, the Bad and the Ugly theme song performed by the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain and it is sooo amazing, been listening to it everyday , multiple times!!

Its amazing how a movie from decades ago is fresh and cherished, but there are some that i watched few days ago, that left no mark!! 

Friday, May 14, 2010

[Music] Earthsync - Sunset in Akkarai

As i listen to this track Sunset in Akkarai[ remix version] by Earthsync, my heart soars and mind just wanders into the world i would love to live in.

Sunset in Akkarai [Desert Dwellers Dance Remix]is filled with soothing beats that transform with the slow Ghatam and rhythm in every breath. It is as if one walks along the beach, and feels the waves washing up on their feet. The smooth waters, the chill breeze, and the subtle saltiness all combined into one. A beautiful composition that had me hooked, giving me a breather from stress of crazy work schedule that i was caught up in, this particular track leaves me enchanted. I wondered what it was like before the remix, but then that thought was shrugged away.

Part of the New Day- Laya Project, this track works well as it does not sit into one particular genre, but blends well various kinds of music and brings together a wide gamut of instruments as well.

Smooth listening
Soothing for the soul
Rhythm divine!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

[Gizmos] New Toys in town!!

Wow, i have managed to write 74 posts, and this will be my 75th post on this blog!!! :)
Gadgets have always fascinated me.- either reading up on them, or analysing something new at home or just keeping myself updated on whats new in the market across the world!! This does not mean i bring home everything i oggle at, nah, am too much of a practical person for that!! [psst, aother reason is i cant afford em all now can i?]

In the past 10yrs since i started working, i have been through 4phones, actually 3, the 1st one was my granpa's- a big chunky Motorola that will today pass for a walkey talkey!! :D The joy of earning , saving up and buying something on your own is simply divine.. and thats the way its been for me!! Starting with the basic Nokia 3315 to Sony Ericsson w550i [ a swanky phone that swivels that had many an eye turn and too many wonder how to open and use;)] and finally my N95 8Gb....

Nope, i dint lose/break/throw any of my phones, actually never thrown anything expensive, or anything that falls into the 'gadget' category!!! About a month ago, my N95 started giving me problems - the backlight on screen kept flickering and then one fine day it died, leaving me in a mini state of panic...

*Calm breathes*... went to Iconnet, the guy took 20mins, pulled it apart[was totally fascinated], replacedc the Slider cable and said "here you go, and ummm, be careful" As luck would have it, i went to Blore and in 2days, the screen blanked out on me again!! Nothing helped.. so picked up a basic[ as basic as it can get] Nokia phone, used it for a couple of days while contemplating on a new phone/ fixing my N95...

Thats when the Twitter buds [@Macdeepak and @SridharSuresh] came into action, helping me decide and ta da..in 2days flat i was holding my Blackberry Curve 8520..

Never have i spent so little time and bought a phone in few hours!! My friends' friend called, spoke, said he knew someone.. called back saying bring the cash, take your phone!! Voila!! what fun!!! And well, i love it...

Verdict: The Blackberry Curve 8520 is probably a basic model[ amongst the new range of BBs] but it is a beauty and am loving it!! Infact another twitter friend - @Avni_Iyer has also bought the same thing few days ago and written about her Phones/gadget experiences so far here

Price - Inexpensive.. Rs13000 to Rs14000 - Damn good deal when compared to how much i shelled out for my N95

Features- Well, it pretty much has it all ,-

Email sync- upto 10email ids

[yep, thats mine..isnt the butterfly background cool. :-)]

App world - thru which one can download various apps- Twitter, FB, Gtalk, BBM[blackberry messenger to keep in touch with fellow BB users], linkedin and some more. Today discovered there is an F1 app for it- keep track of timings, schedules, winners, etc!!Other messengers are also available!

: Notepad, Tasks, Ms Office and some more..

Keyboard - This model has a qwerty keyboard, which is fairly fun to navigate [ exact same as the E63,E71, E72 and the Samsung B7320]

Weight: Very light weight [again when compared to my N95, this feels weightless]

Camera : 2mp.. decent pics [cant compare to my N95.. that was Carl Zeiss lens, 5MP, but heck i have my cybershot:)]

Music: Yep, you can download or transfer songs from other phones/computer and listen... good speakers!!

Phone book:
Phew,if i had to fill in all entries for contacts, i'd grow old even before using the phone :) You can store multiple numbers for a person and it has a smooth search option as well..

Ease of use - Totally.. very easy to find your way around and use the features , plus you can once again alter the position of folders, apps and arrange them in a way that suits you.

Once you load your Sim into the BB, all you do is call your service provider and ask them to activate BIS and choose a plan depending on your usage... :-)

Battery life
- Good.. as good as my Nokia.. 1.5days easy!!

: 9/10 [ dont ask me why not 10/10.. just like that!! ;o)]
For more information and reviews you can check out this

Time to move to another gadget, that i got to play with...Dont jump to conclusions, not just yet!! A new gizmo that has been released in USA, not in India, but i managed to get my hands on it... A friend had left a FB message that the iPad rocks and i replied saying " I wanna see, hasnt it been long since we met?" and the dear
friend that he is called right away and we met for lunch at another friend;s house the next day!! :)

Walked into A's house, said hello to her dad and saw it sitting there pretty on the sofa.. But dint want to seem too desperate, and turned left, said hi to A, V and R[owner of the 64Gb iPad].. Managed to have some lunch and next instant was on the iPad fidgeting and firing questions at R....

Verdict: This new baby from the Apple's basket is a bigger version of the iPod Touch... Took me to my childhood days when we used a slate to write, only thing missing in the ipad was a chalk stick!! :D

Weight: It is about .68gms, and dint feel heavy inspite of my holding it for nearly half hour

Keyboard: Same touch concept, and very easy to type[ atleast i found it easy for am used to the pop up touch keyboard on my iPod touch] to type long notes/messages, i found it convenient
to place the iPad on my lap and type- cos i use both hands to type!

Exactly as your iPod touch... Touch screen....mail, photos, music, etc etc...

Missing: Camera, USB slots, Drives and the App store does not work yet in India, maybe when it is officially launched, it might kick into action

Price: well, my friend got it for a deal...But MRP right now is high, so wait for official launch!!

Rate: 7/10 [ you will agree with me when you see/play with one!! ]

You can read the Review of Ipad here

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Coffee and Tweet pal

A coffee pub that wowed me... 
A place that has beautiful ambience
Funky seating arrangements- some of them quite innovative and Interesting
A name that was hard to pronounce, inspite of asking a waitress... 

Am talking about the new Coffee shop in Bangalore -Matteo Coffea

Situated in Church Street, off Brigade Road, the coffee shop has a rich brown colour, plenty of outdoor and indoor seating space.

Met @winniethepoohi outside Magazines store and we walked towards the Cafe, walked in, spotted a seat in the corner- a purple sofa and two comfy chairs.. Settled in, and began exchanging info about each other..Oh, forgot to mention,we were meeting the 1st time.. Dint even know her real name till half hour before meeting!!   

A chinko waiter came to take our order [now, why do all coffee places employ chinkos???] and only he could understand what he was saying...  Told him to give us a few minutes before coming back asking for our order!!

Started talking, and hopped skipped jumped topics and kept at it till finally the waiter came back interrupting our fun conversation.. 
Anyways, we ordered a Hot chocolate and Cold coffee something [forgot the name, it looked like a tall glass of cold coffee with cream] and a Paneer wrap...  My hot chocolate was absolutely delicous, rich and creamy. The wrap was filling and subtle spices.herbs, and very filling.. Had paneer, capsicum, onion and tomato wrapped in something like a frankie wrap or roti, served with coleslaw on the side!!

They have quite an extensive coffee menu- hot, cold and something called Shakeroos, and Iced Tea as well. Apart from this, plenty of eats to choose from- French  fries,sandwiches, bites, wraps- veg & non veg!!

[Pic: Burrp]

In an hour or so, we were ready for another round of Coffee, and this time when we asked about Coffee of the day- we grinned hearing Filter Coffee.. Ordered one grande and a tall one, with milk on the side.. It was hot, divine and totally worth it.. 

Time wore on, and there was not a moment silence between us, nor were there awkward pauses. We realised we had way too many things in common and hit it off on so many levels..!! Amazing to think i'd come across her just a  few days ago...   

We spoke in length about our blogs, writing, the various writing clubs that we were part of and good/bad things that happened out there. :-) Mind blowing discussions.... 

As our conversation flowed, we grooved to the music playing [every single track had us humming the tune and smiling ].. Went to a point, i couldnt resist, and asked the waiter about the CD, for which he brought along not the list,but the manager..:)

Alas, the clock stuck 8, and she had to go somewhere, on the other end of town, so with heavy heart, we settled the bill [thanks girl for the treat].. and saw the Manager once again.. He enquired about where we were from and promised to make us a copy of the music playing!!! Till we go again... Enjoy your cuppa!!

Ambience *****

Choice of drinks and eats -****

Service - ***** [absolutely prompt and polite]

Crowd -**** [wasn't very crowded , and the place is so spacious that it can never get crammed]

Price - **  [bit expensive, but worth it considering you are getting a comfy wonderful experience]

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Indibloggers met..

March 20th seemed to have come faster than i thought. Was in Blore when i got the news of the Univercell Chennai Indiblogger meet, decided i shall attend it, and thereon registered, bla bla... And then life went on as usual... 

And finally, the D Day came, what a morning it had been- was so crazy busy, just on a rampage to finish errands and work before 2pm.. only focus!! 

As i reached the venue- GRT Convention center, silence was all i heard outside the hall, but the minute i opened the doors, ta da... welcome to the Blogworld it seemed to scream..

Once again, had to register [discovered i was among last few..pffut..sheepish grin].. found some seats in the front [thanks to indiblogger team] and got set for the evening to take off... 

A Time to Meet and a Time to Greet
What began as 30secs of fame became 5mins for some,while others took less than 2secs... Amidst a flurry of tweets and bloggies sharing their thoughts, came to know there was so many interesting bloggers out there .. A HR , A content writer had my radar perking up, paying attention!! 

There wasnt any fixed agenda, and so post the introductions, there was a mini networking session... we were each given a chart paper to wear on our backs, walk around, collect comments, urls and info about others we meet/greet... i called this the "I scratch your back, you scratch mine" :) It was a good opportunity for us to meet other bloggers, and connect with those who intrigued us... 

I err, umm had quite a few complimenting me on my tattoo, and giving memore of the "Oh, my god, wasnt   it painful? why would you wanna do that to yourself? and the infamous -Is it Real? " Aaargghhh!! 

Thoughts run haywire
Then came the discussion on New media... which was quite interesting, except that at some point it became more of a one on one debate.. hunger pangs started hitting a few, and we could see tweets flowing free.

The minute the session ended., all we saw were hungry souls rushing towards the buffet... and Coffee/tea tables!! :)
Phones and bait
Ramesh from Univercell took the mike to brief us on their motive behind hosting the Indibloggere event and thanks to them, we got to fidgit with some cool new phones.. An interesting offer awaited gizmo junkies as well... Write reviews, and win the post of becoming Univercell's blogger!! :) 

Time wore on... and it was nearly 6.30 when like kids waiting for the school bell, we heard the announcement - OK, pls go grab your Tshirts from the Registration desk .... poof...instant vanish from the seats...Hahaha... what fun it was....

The evening was good fun .........
  • Meeting new and familiar faces -- Rumjhum, @preethikag @narayananh @Soumya Ray @itosuckysucky  @SoravJain and sooo many others............... 
  • Discovering the varied topics blogged about... 
  • Interacting with some cool bloggers
  • Spending a few mins talking about phones [with Ramesh from Univercell ]
  • Receiving a surprise greet from @shilparathnam from way behind [ and it was the 1st time i was meeting her.. he he]
  • Having my Tattoo photographed... commented on...complimented...[works as a good conversation opener as well]  ;-))
New kind fun experience, enjoyed more than i thought i would ....

Looking fwd to next meet..!!Beautifully organised... way to go Indiblogger team!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The WOW. factor...

Last Saturday was the much awaited Wow! The Extra Terrestrials show in Chennai...  Had booked tickets directly with Mr Hariharan of the event management company- Showspace Solutions
[Pic from etwow.in website]

Date- 6th Feb, Saturday
Reached the Venue: Music Academy 
Checked the Time: 5.45pm
Where were our tickets? - With Mr Hari [ who was in a meeting with a client]

[Pic from etwow.in website]
Once the other 5 eager souls  had arrived, i got a bit frantic and called Hari again, but no response.. We waited... waited... patiently waited... After a few mins, my phone rang and i went on a mini goose chase, rather ticket chase with Hari- trying to locate his car.. looking for my wallet, pulling out cash, etc etc.... Victoriously returned to teh troops, and hauled them upstairs to the gate... Now, here comes the drama.... 
                                                Not bad for a shot taken from far far away..

The volunteer guys who were chking tickets, pulled out mine from the envelope and began punching them in... one punch, two punch.... stop.. pause... - "Ma'am, these are for 8.30pm show and not 6pm", he said.... 

A mini act by 3 women.... not v clear as we sat far and not enough lighting

Jeez [ what the heck... what now.... looking from one soul to the other, looking at mom.. and then called Hari, who was apologetic but said he unfortunately couldnt do anything as the shows were running houseful]... eeeks.... mom, Srivats and G3 were ok to stay back, kill 2hrs and come back, but Apar was  clear - I cant , i'll get going, A jr will sleep off..will get late..and she had come by Bike.... few mins passed and suddenly the volunteer guy called us and said - there are some seats vacant behind, just go and sit... :D 

We rushed in, gleefully found 6empty seats right at the back and got comfortable... were happy we got to see the show.... :)

The show began on the dot.. and it was truly WOW.. Acrobats.. gymnastics... circus acts.. call it whatever you wanna, but the 8 performers were WOW, amazing talent.... [Took some videos, will upload em on youtube and share the link soon]

Vishesh's take

Review in The Hindu

Following the show, we went and had a yummy dinner at Palki Restaurant inside Amaravathy campus, across the road....  Thanks for a great time guys!! :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

ET comes to Town

If you love dance
if you love art
if you love going to shows
above all...
if you wanna have some fun...

Check this out... go for it if you can!! 

Else wait for me to attend and share my views and you can read and go green with envy!! he he he

Extra Terrestrials are coming to Chennai...  

75mins of acrobatic moves, grooves and dance steps.... 

Its all happening between Feb 3-7th -3 shows daily- @ Music Academy!! 

To know more... or to book your tickets, click on  Events  or their main website- Etwow.. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Giraffes in Chennai....

If anyone were to ask me “don’t you wish you were living elsewhere and not in this drab city?” I just might give them a thwack and send them packing!! I love Chennai!! Yes, there were times when I wished I was elsewhere, but that was only cos I hadn’t travelled much, but now that I am sprouting wings and exploring new places, am extremely happy living here... Ok, I got to be honest, Chennai is more than home... it has become a city of action[not, not ref to Political chaos or stunts in Kollywood movies...]... There is something or the other happening through the year...

How can I not mention the infamous December Music season, followed by the Dance festival? Not to forget the various other cultural activities held across the year- starting with the Chennai Sangamam in Jan[spread over a week] , to Shakti Concert & Earthsync in Feb, to the Metro plus Theatre Fest and Music fest, the various International film fests, active theatre performances, International music concerts and so much more..... All these events are not a one off thing; they are sprinkled through the year, every year!! How do I know? Well, I try to keep myself updated on what is happening and attend as many as possible.... Ok, won’t go on and on... Shall do another post on “Fun in Chennai”

The most recent experience has to be the Chennai Sangamam’s Bon Jour India’s Les Giraffe [ in asssociation with Alliance Francaise]... Jan 15th evening, 6.30pm, Venkatnarayana Road was all we knew, and we were there at 6pm, waiting for the mysterious Giraffes to make an appearance....

After the initial quenching of curiosity, clicking random shots around the Sangamam, venue of Natesan Park, we plonked ourselves right near the median, armed with our cameras and necks stretched out looking for the act to make an appearance!!

There they came... Woww!! Tall, majestic, towering high... Red giraffes, with pretty light rings on their necks, glided across the road... wait, they were headed towards Burkit Road, and not us... Darn it!! Do we go ahead or stand ground? No, we stay put, we decided!!!

They paused at the junction, did a bit of an act- Saw some fire rings, a man on stilts or was he on a platform? Weren’t sure!! Anyways, it was exciting... In a few mins, the giraffe were looming large, over our heads, and stood within a few meters waiting to start their performance... It was beautiful...

Nothing over the top, but the sheer size, idea, design, concept and synchronisation, and the woman standing on a podium belting out Opera numbers, the Clown/flirt/ groom on drums, flitting about took our breath away!! About 10 French men, the singer, and few others helping in the ground had the act running smooth as ice rink....

Even after the act was over, and the Giraffes had moved on to the next stop, we followed them, talking to some others in the crowd, sharing thoughts, while our cameras were rolling through the evening... What fun it was!!!

Chennai Sangamam is one awesome way of not only showcasing Chennai/Tamil Nadu’s rich culture, art, folk, food but also a way of bringing in people from other towns, promoting tourism and educating the locals about how beautiful the state is.... Hats off to Kanimozhi for this effort!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Bookworm Rampage

I go through these phases... Am sure all of you also do!!  There are days when i do nothing but work, and then those when fun plays a bit part of my day... The latter is what i enjoy, cos it gives me a sense of calm at the end of it all... The past couple of weeks have been such - maybe cos workload isnt that much or i've just made a subconscious choice to include plenty of fun during my busy daily routines - outing with friends, just chilling out at home with an interesting book, grooving to music on my iTouch , watching a movie or jus about anything that i am upto !!

Books have been a part of my life for as long as i can remember.. Even when we were living in Tirunelveli, i used to pick up books from chennai, people who visited us brought me books - Enid blyton, Mystery of five find outers, Naughtiest girl in school, Archie comics, Chanda mama, Sense &Sensibility and what not!!  .. This awesome habit has stuck with me, infact mom keeps saying- its because of this reading[err, reading in the dark, with improper light] that you wear glasses.. Heck, it doesnt matter~!! :) Infact its thanks to family that i got into music as well - specifically english music....

Couple of weeks,or a month ago, Apar gave me a whole load of books.. What joy i felt cant be expressed in words.. A colleague was leaving the city, and left behind all his books for grabs!  Amazing right?!! There were plenty by 2 of our favorite authors - Lee Child &  James Patterson. [here's a whole list of James Patterson's books]

Was introduced to James Patterson last Jan, during the ride to Pondy with friends! Murder mystery, cop, thriller kinda writer who has me going till i finish the last word on the last page.. Infact same holds for Lee Child, who was introduced to me by another friend... :-)

Here is a collage of all the books by these authors that i have read till date.... !! each of them are fabulous, atleast i enjoyed them thoroughly... !! :)

Another author I've been reading a lot is Jodi Picoult... Every visit to the library, will have me clutching a book by this amazing author!! Waiting to watch My Sister's keeper movie to see if its just as the book or altered... But most of her books are about kids, parents, and health related issues... !!

and before you ask.... Yes, i've read 'em all .... hahaha~!! Reading some more, but that shall come in another post...!!