Thursday, December 07, 2006

A Reel M n B story - Vivaah

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Pros: Shahid kapoor and Amrita rao
Cons: Too many songs, Slow pace

For all those who enjoy watching Romantic sweet movies, this is right up your alley, but if you are the kind to cry when there is something emotional going on in the screen, make sure to carry a big box of tissues.. :-)

Today morning i just thought why not go for a movie and when i called the theater they had tickets for Vivaah and Dhoom2, but i wasnt too sure how Dhoom2 was going to be, and so decided to try Vivaah and from what i've read and heard about the other movie, am glad i went for Vivaah..

This movies bears a lot of traces to the series of movies that were played along Family emotions, Romantic heart wrenching dialogues, it stands apart from the current trend of movies that are emerging.. The title of the movie reads Vivaah,From Engagement to Marriage, it should be said "Once committed, i will honor my word no matter what"..

It is yet another Romantic fable,this time weaved under the master hands of Suraj Barjatya,starring Shahid Kapoor, Amrita Rao(yes, the same pair who turned headswith their kiddish looks and cute acting in Ishq Vishq),along with Anupam Kher and Alok Nath as sweet loving Dad's , and ofcourse SeemaBiswas who adds some spice to the movie...

The movie starts off with the family living in the small town of Madhupur and goes on to the marriage that is fixed between the Coy Poonam(played beautifully by Amrita),who's been brought up by her uncle and aunt (Alok Nath &Seema Biswas) and Prem(ofcourse Shahid) ,son of the business tycoon Harish Chandra(Anupam Kher, the loving father who speaks fondly of his marriage to his wife and how it was,and how he still loves her) .. It all seems to be going dandy till the twist in tale happens just before the wedding and the way it has been handled and how the story turns and goes around every incident is what makes this movie sweet..

While sitting in the theater watching the scenes unfold, one part of me expected to see a usual ending, but the other half of me was prepared for a nice surprise.. Now,am not going to spoil it for all those who've not seen the movie and ofcourse, for those who've seen it, you know what i am talking abt, right?

The dialogues are simple and its awesome to see Shahid fumble and speak in Shudh hindi, the love that blossoms between the couple is utterly romantic and makes you go Sigh~!! and the flow has been maintained very well.. Shahid is outstanding in this movie and has played a mature character and he has come across as being Vulnerable,sensitive,sweet,demure and is a perfect pair for Amrita on screen..Oh,how could i not mention Chotti's(not sure who the actress is, she plays Alok nath n Seema Biswas's daughter) non stop chatter and the way she dotes on her jiji aka Poonam.

The movie is a romantic sweet family oriented movie , but the hitches are that it is too slow, and there are scenes where we jus wish they would get on with it, be it an action or a dialogue and be prepared for the umpteen songs that crop up every couple of mins.. :)

All in all, a good movie and fun to watch amidst all the action n remake ones that are coming out

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The Hunt is on~!

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Now for all of you who are Kamal hassan fans, am sure you've seen this movie a zillion times and have discussed it in detail, but if there are those select few who've not seen this movie yet, then i suggest you go watch it..

Even though i dont think its anything great, its worth a watch and Gautham and Kamal deserve a big PAT on their backs for this lively lovely effort of a movie that stands aside from the other Masala tamil movies we see oh,so often..

Am not going to reveal the story but shall share what i thought were amazing in this movie... Vettaiyadu Vilaiyadu was a movie that faced a lot of problems to a point where people(incl me) started speculating if it will come out at all or get shelved like some of the other Kamal ventures... Phew, what a relief it was to see the movie had been released and was doing beyond well all over the world..

I saw this movie about 2weeks after it was released... Tried and tried to get tickets,but alas was only disappointed and so as last resort tried for tickets at Abhirami and what do you know, got them... So,went to watch this movie on a sunny afternoon and enjoyed it a lot..

This movie just keeps the audience going with nothing but KAMAL(who plays the character of Raghavan) in full form, it actually doesnt need anybody else, no heroine no side kicks.. The story is so strong that you are on the edge of your seat till about the interval,but after that the fizz kind of fizzles out because it becomes obvious to us viewers who the killers are and so we just wait for the movie to end..

The way Gautham has directed this movie is to be talked about, the way he has thought down to the way Raghavan interacts with Anderson at NYPD and to the whole emotional sequences while handling the families of the victims,etc..

All in all, its a good movie, but there are times when i had a deja vu of Kakka Kakka, maybe its cos both movies have hero;s who are cops, their loved ones die, similar chase,,... i dont know.. but as long you are open minded and just walk into the theater or begin to watch this movie as a whole new movie, you are satisfied..

There are certain scenes that leave us baffled and wondering "how stupid can a cop get, breaking and entering into a suspects house without backup?".. c'mon,we've all seen enough Tv serials to know how NYPD and cops in general operate...

Jyothika - yet another good performance, even though her role isalmost like a side kick, maybe Gautham's lucky charm is Jyo.. whoknows... :)

- as always, an actor who is pretty sharp and does a good job,.. he too had a very short role in this movie..

Daniel Balaji has yet again done a good job, the way they plot and plan all the murders and at the end the way they are eaten up with passion and thirst for vengence is beautifully portrayed..

The Music is awesome, absolutely catchy tunes and some soothing soulful songs keep the flow of the movie going.. The picturisation, cinematography needs no comments for it is better less said as the actions and scenes speak louder than my words..

All in all, its a good movie... a little gruesome, a little loud but good action thriller..

Watch how the hunter hunts and the killers get chased , thrashed and slaughtered ... ;)

Watch it once atleast...