Sunday, August 24, 2008

Movie marathon!!! :)

My friend and i went for the movie - The Mummy:Tomb of the Dragon Emperor/ The Mummy 3, with tickets not being available for any others... anyways, we enjoyed the movie... loads of wacko scenes.. action... amazing effects... the sights are worth it!!!  Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh launch into a vigorous sword fight — and what a grand pleasure it is to watch these two world-class stars in action again... 
Ever since we saw the promos for Bachna ae haseeno, me and my friend wanted to check it out... we knew it was probably a brainless romantic , but dint expect a diff version of DDLJ....  
The journey of rich spoilt boy Raj Sharma (Ranbir Kapoor) is the main plot of this movie.... He meets three girls at different stages of his life: Mahi (Minissha Lamba) - a small-town girl from Punjab, who is looking for Raj(SRK of DDLJ), Radhika  who becomes Shreya (Bipasha Basu) - a model from Ranchi in Mumbai, with whom he has a live in relationship and finally flees when he gets a proj in Aus... and finally Gayatri (Deepika Padukone) - an NRI taxidriver from Australia. The film is about a boy who goes from one love affair to another, only to run into true love and then being dumped, cos she isnt ready for marriage... this forces him to look back on all the nasty heartbreaks he has been responsible for, and he goes back to all those women!!! 
Oh, how can i sign off without mentioning the drop dead Gorgeous Kunal kapoor...divine!!! :) 
Except for Khuda jaane, none of the other songs are really nice.. infact songs not really needed!!  
I saw this movie at my friend's house.. she was sleeping and i was sifting thru her dvd collection, thought this might be fun.. and i LOVE animated movies.. but it was wacko and a bit boring!!!  Am talking about The Ugly Ducklinbg and me... the only sweet thing about the movie is --- don’t worry if you’re not accepted by those around you, you are special!!!  


Sat said...

well the mummy series is frankly not the best place to catch both michelle and jet li. Watch jet Li in Hero and michelle yeoh in Crouching/Memoirs of a Geisha, no swords here but the woman hardly looks her age, she's all elegance and lovely!
As for a thousand splendid suns, I was waiting for someone to tell me it's a good book, go read it :)
So I thought you might be the one, but then .........!
BTW, with kite runner, I found the book good, but it dragged during the last few pages and I lost my patience and ended up jumping to the last few pages just to know how it ends! Which is too bad for a book

Aaarti said...

@Sat -
yepp. i agree with what you've said.. have seen Hero and Memoirs, loved em both!!! but in the Mummy III, the sets, action sequences were fun... :)

Kite runner- hmmm, true.. but i guess the author was just trying to make sure we went with the flow and dint just rush to the end!! oh,well,watever he thot of, the book worked n is POPULAR!! :D
am actually curious to see how the movie turned out! seen it???

Karthik said...

Surprised you liked Mummy actions scenes...:( i had atough time