Friday, September 02, 2011

You Can sell by Shiv Khera

"If you think you can - you can !
If you think you can not - you can not !
And either are right !"
Shiv Khera

After the success of You can Win, Shiv Khera is now back with You Can Sell...  The front cover of the book has the title You can win and the byline- "Results are Rewarded, efforts arent" , which is the crux of the book.. which is the truth of the world!! 

If you want to: 
Gain success and avoid pitfalls 
Meet and exceed your goals 
Establish credibility and grow 
Gain a competitive edge
Learn the qualities of a winning professional
This Book is For you! [is what the back cover starts off with........]

Shiv khera sure has a way with words and well, am sure many are eager to learn the Art of selling for who this book will be a bible! 

Giving a brief sneak into those Who are not selling, Shiv Khera goes on to talk about how our mind works, how we should think, and the ideas that need to be encouraged from within us for us to succeed in life. 

This book is a hardcore seller when it comes to giving people little tips=- starting with one's physical appearance, the attitude, posture, the way we smile and the art of convincing others to buying what we are selling.. It could be a product, it could be a strategy, it could be a service... The bottom line is, if you want to sell something, anything, you need to be convinced enough to talk about it.. You need to beleive in it before you can sell it to others..

Dont simply sell the product, sell the experience
Dont simply talk about the benefits and advantages of a service, convince the other person they cannot grow/develop/excel without it
Dont sell blatantly, but smooth talk to have the other person BUY! 

I felt the book was a bit too much, maybe its just me, but i did get comments from others i spoke to on how Shiv Khera's words are worshiped.. So, if you are looking for something to carry in your pocket, to give you an instant boost of adrenalin or give you a helping hand in dire situations, then go ahead, read this book.. Otherwise, keep this to refer in case you have doubts or going through a rough patch to give yourself hope!